6 reasons why you are still stuck in your life

Being stuck up doing even a minor thing can be frustrating. And being stuck in life is the most frustrating thing. People even when they don’t want to just stop in their life. Stop doesn’t mean that time has stopped, it simply means you are not able to move on in your life. You are not able to go to the next level of the thing you excel in and that you are not able to leave what must be left and grab what you need. Here are 6 reasons for it:

1. You want to be the one who is always perfect and all the work you do should be perfect too! Doing things in a perfect way is always good but sometimes when you can’t just stop. Do your best if not perfect. Don’t put in too much, that you don’t even get the equal amount of success and happiness.

2. You give up too easily! Nothing is impossible. If a person keeps trying again and again, there will be one day you will succeed. If you need a break, take it but don’t give up.

3. You are restricted to a small group of people! Knowing more people will boost your confidence, give you new ways to do what you already have done and new things to try to. It will open a lot of new paths for you.

4. You don’t have to accept to what other people suggest you! What people say is not always the right thing. It should be always preferred to take their point into consideration while making a decision. But accepting what they say right away and not using your own brain is a stupid idea.

5. You have too many expectations from yourself! Dreams and goals are a must. But expecting too much from yourself at a single point is not right. Set up small goals to reach the big one. Don’t expect something from yourself, make people expect something from you and then do it!

6. You lie to yourself! Saying a lie to yourself and others to make excuses is useless. False hopes don’t work. Believe in yourself and accept the truth. Don’t brag about your failures (like I do, life sucks then).

I hope you found your reason here. If not just give yourself a break and think about it. Your reason and your answer would be waiting for you there.

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