flipping your lid

So while reading a book, I found out about Neuropsychiatrist Daniel Siegel’s explanation on what happens when we get angry. We “flip our lid”. Not going into any technical terms – it means that the part of brain, which is important for emotion regulation and moral judgement, loses its ability to control our emotional limbic system. Okay one technical term. And so due to anger, we end up doing something silly and getting hurt.

This made me remember the story of how Jack Daniel (yes, the founder of Jack Daniel’s died). He died from blood poisoning. Pretty straight froward!? Well, there is a tale behind this. This is what is said but it is not certain for sure that this happened.

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star wars: the last jedi, a movie review (no spoilers)

Never walk in a movie theatre with expectations. Never walk in movie theatre to watch the latest part of a well established movie series with expectations. Especially, Star Wars.

So, yesterday, I watched the first day first show of The Last Jedi in Delhi. A total of 10 people were sitting in the theatre, 3 of them fast asleep. 2 of those were my cousins and the third one my aunt. My uncle and I had been planning for 4 years to watch a Star Wars movie together, it finally happened.

Two things before you read this review –
1. I love Star Wars. I am kind of mad about it, so this review would be biased.
2. I am still in a lot of emotional trauma, so this review won’t be good.

Of course, NO SPOILERS in this short movie review.

Connection. Conflict. Anger. Fear. Hate. Love. Cute. Past. Internal Conflict. Attachment. Future. Present. Heroes. Ignorance. Hope. Force. Extra extra extra Force. Bigger and bigger. And bigger!

Die! Die! Die!

If you don’t want to watch this movie just die. But if you do want to watch, don’t except things. This movie is completely UNEXPECTED.

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