there is always emptiness, a thought

We are born empty. There is no high and low, no right and wrong, no good and bad, no love and hate, there are no emotions. We are born empty in this world full of people, facts and situations. But we cannot exist on our own, can we? We are dependent on this world – people, facts and situations. We live our lives after birth with these causes and conditions. They fill us, they fill our emptiness with highs and lows, rights and wrongs, love and hate, with emotions, with experience. But how long does it take to fill our emptiness? I think it can’t be filled completely. There is always emptiness. There is emptiness till we are dependent. And we cannot be inherently indepedent. We have, we are and we will fill our bowl till we survive, till we live, till we die. I have come to this after thinking a lot on things that have shaped me of who I am and things that I wish never happened. I want to hear your views on this, how about a comment?

diwali – an origin theory, a thought

Thousands of years back, people bursted crackers everyday! They were addicted. They loved it! But then the pollution rose, the temperatures rose, the carbon dioxide and sulphur, and global warming came. The government and people were scared of global warming. So they decided a single day, a single day like Environment Day. But on this day they were allowed to burst crackers! But then they won’t be allowed to burst crackers the rest of 364 days of the year. They called this day, DIWALI. So ever since on Diwali people burst crackers to fulfil their year long urge to burst crackers and to celebrate their 364 days of saving environment from harmful fire crackers!

Just a theory by me. Does not exist.

choose your weapon , a thought

Do you know how difucult it is to not get angry upon someone or something? It is really hard. But then you would say there is no harm in getting angry. Well, there is my boy. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. And I don’t want to get angry on them. I don’t want to hate them. I for sure don’t want suffering. I want to run. I want to run away instead. Run away to a place where there would be no need to get angry, no reason to get angry. There would be no fear, there would be no dark side. There would be peace. There would be me. There would be you, I love you. So I have chosen my weapon wisely. I will eat it all till either I give up and puke or till I run away.