ten questions i hate to listen

Today, I thought I’d write up a list of questions I hate, spoken by friends, family, strangers, everyone. I hate them for different reasons of course. But the only thing to remind you of is that I hate them.

  1. “Hi, what are you doing?” — Talking to you.
  2. “How’s it goin’?” — This is the one question which everyone asks as a formality, being as fake as possible. Sometimes they may not be fake but most of the time they just ask it to just ask it and don’t really mean it.
  3. “Do you remember me?” — Who cares? If you even have to ask, the answer’s probably positive but it annoys me a lot. But if you think I don’t remember you, then can’t you just simply remind me of you then asking this question and wait for me at asking them.
  4. “Can you like and comment on my photo?” — What the hell you think my one like or comment makes a difference? Is this an election, where every vote counts? Even though people like and comment, that just doesn’t mean they care. I do though. But still, don’t ever ask this.
  5. “How old do you think I am?” — If you ask this, you probably want an honest answer. But you force me to choose between honesty and friendship or family relation or any something like this. Don’t ever force anyone into that situation, because it really sucks!
  6. “Who do you think will win this election?” — Why should I care? I am just 17! Election results are no good to me. Though I would be voting next year, it would be NOTA of course. I know, predetermined. If you wanna ask then ask me “Who will win the match today?” And I will happily answer irrespective of the game.
  7. “Are you busy?” — Listen, I’m always doing something. I mean, it’s humanly impossible for me to exist and yet be doing nothing. You’re always interrupting — my thoughts, my sleep, my conversation, my work (which I don’t have any but), whatever. Better question: “Is now a good time to talk?” – Hell yes! I love to talk.
  8. “So do you have a girlfriend?” — It is… just a way to fish out some gossip. Which is bad I guess.
  9. “What are you doing these holidays?” — Of course in this world of students, there is no possible time to go somewhere and actually do something. And still, you will get the same old answer “nothing” or “I will see”. But if I have to be honest, I won’t be studying of course. Because I am aimless, nothing to aspire except peace and happiness for people.
  10. “Can you speak a bit louder?” — No. Technically, the sound produced in my vocal chords is of this very amplitude and pitch only. If you can’t listen to me, then get a hearing aid for yourself. Or a loudspeaker for me.

Of course many of these questions (3 or 4), I also ask and so you know how annoying it can be. And I know I am being very lame making this list. But sometimes you need to make a list to make yourself realize some things. No offense intended.