Virat Kohli and Abhinav Mukund

Virat Kohli and Abhinav Mukund made Test debuts in the same match six years ago, but have had a completely different career. Virat Kohli is currently playing in his 58th TEST match, having scored 4497 runs in the previous 57 matches at an average of 49.41. On the other hand, Abhinav Mukund is currently playing in his 7th TEST match, having scored 227 runs in the previous 6 matches at an average of 18.91. Abhinav Mukund has served only as a backup opener in the Indian squad but is yet to make a big mark. Today his score of 81 became his highest TEST score in an innings and only his 2nd fifty in 14 innings.

Though in the domestic circuit, Abhinav Mukund has been one of the most consistent opening batsmen. Virat Kohli has not played any matches.

What are you going to do with the 50 lakhs?

This is what Indian women’s cricket team players were asked by one of India’s prominent news anchor and Editor-in-Chief of two of India’s biggest news channels. I want to ask him one thing. Has he ever asked Virat Kohli what he does with 2 crore annual income + bonuses that BCCI pays him? Or the 15 lakhs he gets for each TEST he plays? Or the around 20 crore gets to play 40 days of IPL? No, he does not! Then why does need to ask the players of Indian women’s cricket team what are they going to do with the 50 lakhs???

Is Washington Sundar like – Jadeja or Narine?

Washington Sundar is one of the great founds in the under-19 cricket circuit of India. A great off spinner, such a talent! And proved himself in both IPL and TNPL. This season Albert Tuti Patriots gave Sundar another role, to open for the team. And in the first match he smashed a half century. Batting right now in his seconds, he looks well settled in. I have never seen him bat before like this. Either he has been working a lot on his batting or (with the batting effort) he is like Narine. Either he is turning to replace Jadeja or can act as a give away wicket in the future Indian squad. I am eagerly waiting to see him play for Tamil Nadu in the upcoming Ranji seaon.

my ice-cream, a cat and the christmas eve

Nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve… you think so? Well, let me tell you one of my worst Christmas Eves. It was windy cold night back in 2008. My cousins were home and we were having a lot of fun! Yes, of course, fun because we were what? 8 or something at that time. And now we are all grown up – still having more fun. Though I get awkward a lot. And lose my temper sometimes. Hard to believe? Trust me I am kidding. So we were eight. And in a dire need for ice-cream that night! Parents usually did not use to agree for “ice-cream time” during winters. But that night they had to. No one can stop something bad from happening, can they? Can you? (Yes you can!)

We all decided to go out for a walk to the market and buy our favourite icy treats. It was really quite. We did not see a lot of people on the road that night. Sleeping, maybe. I have never really had any interest in my neighbours. Even today after 17 years living in the same house I cannot name a single neighbour! Nevermind. In about 10 minutes, after really slow walking we reached the shop. And we were on that ice cream … Ummm what do we call that, a fridge? Continue reading “my ice-cream, a cat and the christmas eve”

ending the myths

It happened nearly 65 years ago. My grandfather was in his early teens. And my great-grandfather was finally set with his new hardware store in Shimla. It took him some time to get it up and running again after partition. They had a big hardware store in Lahore, but during the partition like everyone else they left all their belongings and came to the newly independent India. But when the family is together I don’t think anyone can stop them, huh? With the help of my great-great-granduncle, they finally put all the pieces together and started this new store.

They used to live near the Shimla railway station. A really buzzing place as my grandfather recalls. Filled with people on holiday, officials on work and a lot of postal mail. Once in a while, my great grandfather used to offer a place to stay at night and food to one or the other passenger who could not find lodging coming through the last train late at night. And for free! He believed in Atithi Devo Bhava, that’s what they were taught back in the days, to be good to people and no treachery. Continue reading “ending the myths”