Mixing cricket, politics in South Asia

It was 22nd March 2016. Just another Tuesday in many parts of the world. But for Mohali, it was the day to host a match between Pakistan and New Zealand in the then ongoing ICC World Twenty20. Now if you know about the India – Pakistan relationship ever since 1947, you might have the feeling that these two nations don’t get along with each other. True, politically. That day at the PCA Stadium (Mohali) the stands were filled and they were cheering for Pakistan. Yes, of course, Mohali is quite close to the India – Pakistan border (pretty much the same distance between Mohali and Delhi) and people from across the border (Pakistan) can get to Mohali through the land border. And they did that for sure. But the more interesting thing to look out for that day was – many Indians who had come to watch the match were cheering for Pakistan (including me!). Everyone around wanted Pakistani players to outshine in the match. A group of people (coming straight from their office) sitting right behind me were discussing the old glory days of Pakistan in cricket with players like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Javed Miandad and lots more. There were two young twin brothers sitting next to me who wanted Shahid Afridi to hit some huge sixes. It really did not look like there ever was any problem between the people of India and Pakistan. And I doubt if there is any today too, non-politically. In North India, we share a hell lot of food tastes with Pakistan! Continue reading “Mixing cricket, politics in South Asia”

(don’t?) Gossip about your Friend

Now a lot of you guys might argue that gossiping about your friend is one of those cardinal sins of friendship everyone avoids. But let’s just think about this once. How well do you know about your friend? Huh? We can’t really have a test for that. Can we? Nope. So how about trying your knowledge out in the field.

Yes! I am telling you to gossip about your friend. It does not need to be a rumour. It does not need to be a secret. (Pro Tip: No secrets!) Maybe just an idle talk.

Would there be any limits? Yes! Limits are the same as what you would like for the gossip about you.

What if gossiping makes you look bad? No problem till you are in your limits.

Why do I want you to gossip? So that you can know how much you know about your friend. Pretty stupid. I know! But there is no test for this.

How does this work? You do some gossip. Your friend gets to know about it. Your friend comes to you. And hence you get to know if your gossip was true or not.

Could it go wrong? Yes, of course. It is up to you to try this. Don’t just listen to a stupid person and start gossipping about your friend. Just think about it once. Just think would you like to know how much you know about your friend or not. Huh? I know you want to know. But don’t listen to a stupid person.

Why am I promoting such ideas? I am kind of hungry for gossip myself. And I know a lot of people who are in a secret relationship but have sworn me not to tell. But it is hard you know. FYI my ears are wide open.

P.S. – Of course you can ask your friend straight away. Not that much fun.