I wonder what’s mine

Nothing. Maybe. I hope so. Reduces pressure you know. Having nothing of your own. No stress and stuff. But I can’t really get to a conclusion. Maybe, the conclusion is not mine too. The last time I thought something is mine, it did not turn out to be. The last time I thought I have this unique idea, it was influenced by others! So maybe it is kind of stressing. But wait! What if the stress is not mine too? That could actually be true. I really think stress can travel from one person to another. Like ideas do. Like jokes do. But seriously. It is tough to differentiate between things that are genuinely ours and explicitly copied. Recently, I was in an argument over who suggested the song. I thought she did. But it turned out it was me who had suggested the song. My songs choices are real’y bad by the way. She got the best ones. If we think about this, it is relatively easy to present an idea which is not our own. Which is copied. We have heard the thing before so we are confident enough to speak it ahead. There is comfort. Who doesn’t like comfort? The cozy bed. And warm quilt. On a wintry day. With hot chocolate. And Pakoras. Never mind. I guess we get sucked into what others say. Unknowingly or knowingly. We get tied to them. Their words, their thoughts, their emotions. We connect with people. Their actions have big effects on us and vice versa. If we can relate with people we have more chances to find their ideas as our own. Not scientifically proven. Just experienced in life. Now that I come to think about it, what are the chances I have copied this whole paragraph from somewhere else and posted on my blog. Or at least it has been influenced by you in one or the other way. I wish there was a way to know, to differentiate between our own ideas and of others. I wish all our ideas were not only displayed but also the console.log() command used on them. Hey JS lovers! What’s up?