I just did not realise

I declare myself fake
for reasons known to me

I voice myself today
and oh please say to me

your shouts from the rooftop
the flattering voice

I was good, maybe
but I just did not realise

then I saw around myself
everyone walks past me

I saw among them
the fictitious over skins

they had phoney voices
they made me believe

and I did the mistake
I clutched what they said

I wish they were true
because their words were alluring

I was good, maybe
but I just did not realise

When you are too busy crying out loud

Page number two hundred ninety-four. Flow. Flow. And the single drop of tear falls on the book. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. And another. More and more. And water gushes out at five kilometre per hour. Fifteen minutes later, I reach the last page of the book and it finally stops. Switches on the laptop. Clicks on Dock. VLC. File -> Open. Selects movie. Fifteen minutes into the movie and starts crying out loud. Or starts crying inside. Inside but out loud.

I have a problem or something. Maybe I am allergic. From all the movies and from all the books I read. Don’t ask why and when in which part of the movie or the book. Ok, let me tell you that too. You interested person! Paper Towns. When Q meets Margo in Agloe. Doctor Strange. Unbelievable right? It’s me Chaitanya, believe it or not. I think we should rename “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” to “It’s Chaitanya, Chaitanya’s Believe It or Not!”.

Ok back to Doctor Strange. When Dr Strange says he can’t make the portal thing, he blames his hands. And then Master Hamir makes it even when he does not have one hand.

I cried in Jolly LLB 2 too. Bonus content!

I am reading The book Thief right now. Have read around 100 pages. All with moist eyes. I cried watching Moonlight. Please don’t scream at me. This movie deserves it! I am going to watch Manchester by the Sea next. Adrij knows what is in there for me to cry on. For me to crying out loud. Fun fact! Even songs can make me cry. Big list, can’t type them all.

I don’t really know why this happens. Maybe, I take that particular part like too seriously or what. I put myself into that situation or what. But I am scared of this habit now. Ahaa! Now I am going to start about being scared when I am not. An internal-debatable topic for me. I can’t make up my mind.

Came along one friend

I was looking for a friend
and I thought I’d never find
then came one day
I just clicked and inclined

I thought I could
and I thought I would
he gave me the reason
I needed this long

I don’t know if it was me
or the people around
I felt jealous
and couldn’t hide

took me sometime
to think and realise
ignorant I was
to the world, I lived in

I tried to resist
I told an excuse
already lost within
I went for a fight

I hope I knew
where I went wrong
I wish I could
do it all upright

I was looking for a friend
and I thought I’d never find
then came one day
I just clicked and inclined

6 reasons why you are still stuck in your life

Being stuck up doing even a minor thing can be frustrating. And being stuck in life is the most frustrating thing. People even when they don’t want to just stop in their life. Stop doesn’t mean that time has stopped, it simply means you are not able to move on in your life. You are not able to go to the next level of the thing you excel in and that you are not able to leave what must be left and grab what you need. Here are 6 reasons for it:

1. You want to be the one who is always perfect and all the work you do should be perfect too! Doing things in a perfect way is always good but sometimes when you can’t just stop. Do your best if not perfect. Don’t put in too much, that you don’t even get the equal amount of success and happiness.

2. You give up too easily! Nothing is impossible. If a person keeps trying again and again, there will be one day you will succeed. If you need a break, take it but don’t give up.

3. You are restricted to a small group of people! Knowing more people will boost your confidence, give you new ways to do what you already have done and new things to try to. It will open a lot of new paths for you. Continue reading “6 reasons why you are still stuck in your life”

Who do you TEXT all day long?

“Who do you TEXT all day long?” is a trademark of Indian mothers. Every Indian mother asks this to their child irrespective if the child is a boy or girl. Though the case with boys can go a bit more than just offbeat.

Well, it’s not all their mistake too, to ask this question. Average Indian teen (with a personal mobile phone) texts nearly 150 messages per day. The day starts with a “Good Morning” and ends with a “Good Night”. And in between, it’s all.

Yeah, that’s true. For both girls and boys.

Well to ‘ask’ is a human nature. But in this case how mothers ask also play the spoiler for the teens. Imagine the rudest FBI female agent ever interrogating a kid of 5 years. It’s like that.

Moreover when Indian mothers see their son texting to a girl they go somewhat like this:

And then there is a rapid fire round. Who is she? How do you know her? Is she good in studies? From when do you know her? Is she your good friend?

In case a girl is chatting to a boy they go like this:

But what problem Indian mothers have with their child texting anyone (till it’s not a stranger). No one can ever understand that.

I originally wrote this on July 26, 2015, on my old domain. This is a re-post. I wrote this two years ago and my thoughts have changed. Maybe it is now that both are asked and no one is applauded. 

pre Pre pre Mid life crisis

i know what i want to do… (finally) i need to Give up my religion… change it to something good… or not Have one. that’s Better. do a political Science major or psychology followed by Masters in communication. or no masters at all. buy a laptop and A camera and go out in The wild.

i don’t know what to do if I take up engineering Or even computers sort of. because One thing. would my parents Allow? no. I don’t wanna dream if it’s gonna Get rejected by my parents.

why a pre Pre pre mid life crisis you ask? i have not Even reached college you know. and i don’t have This job to work at. i have not even Had sex. (you know the nervousness they show in Movies before you know) now you get the 3 pres.

Frustrated on the India-Pakistan peace issue

War is between two nations. It is a choice. If India has been in war, I blame half of the war on India. But people in India only blame Pakistan. I get frustrated because of this. Why can’t we have peace with Pakistan? I have my friends there, across the border. They never said anything bad about India. They tell me about Pakistan. I tell them about India. We discuss both the good and the bad things happening. We love to discuss it all. But then we realise that both sides are same in a lot of aspects. Both the good and the bad aspects. Remember the Karnataka government officer whose hands were tried to be chopped off when he refused to take bribes? That has happened in Pakistan too. Have you ever tried Tandoori Punjabi food? It is the same on both sides of the border.

Pakistani people are as awesome as Indians and in the same misery as India is. Why can’t both sides make peace? Do we only see the politicians, the army and the so-called terrorist groups of Pakistan? Why don’t we see the common man there?