PROs and CONs of not having a Last Name

When I was a kid, though I haven’t grown much, I used to be so proud of not having the last name because everybody around me had one. It made me feel so special! But then I realised I am not the only one without a last name. Well, I have a family name but officially I am just Chaitanya. Government records say so at least. I am still happy. I started using my family name as my last name on social media profiles and I soon got a cool nickname, CJ. Till I realised the game GTA, I had not been playing all my childhood had a character called CJ. This stole my self-thunder.

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How to make a dent in the universe?

When you read this at one go “How to make a dent in the universe?”, it really sounds like to make a dent in the universe like we kids for fun and adults because of their carelessness make on their cars. But if you have ever known Steve Jobs, I don’t mean personally but like you know about him so you would have heard his quite a famous quote (though all his quotes are famous). You will get to know that it is something more than just making a depression on a car. “To make a dent in” is an idiom meaning “to have on effect on something” or “to make your own mark”. This quote means to make your mark in this universe, here being our world by doing something extremely great!

So how did Steve Jobs make a dent in the universe?

There are few people in this world who have changed the world multiple times. Steve Jobs is one of them. From the way we compute, watch movies, manage media, embrace technology and even punctuate our sentences, Steve Jobs and Apple have had an IMPACT, they have made their mark. Everyone talks about the iPod, iPhone, iPad & Mac which is a physical evidence that not only did Jobs and Apple invent consumer technology but they also reinvented it at least a few times. Jobs has had the ability to take technology, understand it and apply it to the human condition. Even his journey from NeXT to Pixar created a new genre or entertainment, gave us memorable characters and essentially created a new way to present stories of what it means to be human. I read this somewhere-

If you do not have an emotional response to at least one of the Pixar films, then we need to check your heartbeat.

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What’s the excitement about? Its Valentine’s Day!

How to get people excited this Valentine’s Day? Just start a rumour! It’s that simple. And it works. So it was a week ago that I posted on Instagram that what rumour would you like to start? And Aniket messaged that he would like to start a rumour about me. I don’t have a girlfriend. I am not in a relationship. And I really don’t think I will be in one in near future. 1,000 years maybe. And there are people who contradict the 1,000-year theory.

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What stands between you and being happy?

Everyone wants to be happy. And the indirect goal of everyone’s life is “being happy”. Some might say they want to get a great job. Why do they need a great job? To be happy! Some might say I need a life partner to spend my whole life with. Why do you need a partner? To be happy! Some might say they want to spend their whole life with their friends. Why would a person even want that? To be happy! And there are times when some people are not happy. Why is that so?

Well, the simple reason is Rules, Traditions and Shoulds & Should nots of our world. Yes, there is a list like this. Of all the shoulds, the most used one is “You need money to be happy.” And then it continues into “You need a great job to be happy.” Even if a person hates his/her job they go daily to the office just to earn money. Because this world is at a point where the one without money cannot live on this earth. And the one with some extra money wants to live on Mars! (no offence rich guys)

I have heard “Money cannot buy happiness” since pre-school. And my 16 years have proved that too. People don’t need money to be happy. They just need to do what they want and not what the world says is right. Continue reading “What stands between you and being happy?”

20 common problems faced by teenagers these days

Teenage life is the toughest one. And brings a lot of problems. Here are 20 of them I was able to think of:

1. Not knowing them well enough. Hence, problems due to their bad habits.

2. Not spending more time with their families. And then saying our parents don’t understand us.

3. Trying to stay trendy. And later realising how expensive it is.

4. Not being able to eat healthy because it seems too tasteless. Try it before you say it. Healthy food is far better than fast food.

5. Thinking they know it all. But still not knowing what’s going on in the world. Nope. You are just a kid.

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FAIL is relative and a bad realisation

A lot of my friends complain me that before the exam, I say I am going to fail but I tend to get 90% marks. I think it is time to clear this. But you can’t blame me alone. Akshat left 6 marks question and still got full. So share your anger with him too (Sorry Akshat)! But it is true. A lot of people tend to pass by a lot of marks even after they said they are going to fail. So let me explain this one simple thing.

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Have you ever suffered from thought self-contradiction?

So you start thinking about something. And you are about to come to a conclusion. But then your brain stops you. Or maybe your heart stops you. Or some other body part stops you. And starts arguing with you. Like you make a decision. You know that is it. And just before executing it you again start questioning yourself. You start becoming an example of the word self-contradiction. If that is a word. Just when you start thinking positive about yourself and everything around you, you immediately start making more than hundred negative comments about yourself just because you don’t like yourself anymore.

You start liking this person and for just the sake of a stupid ideology, you start hating that person. Has this all ever happened with you? If yes! Welcome to the world of self-contradiction. If that is a world. You are happy as hell but then you start cursing yourself because you can’t just see yourself happy. Well, these are some day to day activities regularly go through. I conflict my own choices. I hate it. But I love it. Because it gives a sense of relief to me. I can’t really describe this relief. But sometimes it is painful.

I want to get rid of this. But it’s like a paradox. I can’t change who I am unless I want to, but whether I want to is part of who I am. No, I can’t make myself agree to one thing. I like to dance. I like to sing. Maybe, I even like to act. But I hate myself when I am doing this because it really does not feel myself. It feels like a puppet. No offence. I need a psychiatrist maybe.