03/01/17 : TV shows and films might be our best mentor

So I watched the new episode of Sherlock Holmes today. It was awesome! Though I did not like the ending. As usual I learned something new. You cannot run away from death. Death will meet you at that right place. But what if we never reach that place? I know that’s not possible. But think about it. What if somehow we get to know where (and not how) we have to die and never reach that place? Not possible, I know. I don’t know if you feel the same but I find TV shows and films as my best mentor! Well they teach us more than they spoil us at least. Continue reading “03/01/17 : TV shows and films might be our best mentor”

02/01/17 : I am afraid of the “What if”

I have finally able to wake myself up early morning to study and not play with LEGO or read through news websites. But I don’t know how long will this continue. Later on, I started watching the Big Bash League highlights. Pretty exciting matches to start the new year with. After the highlights, a cricket show came up and I got to watch Mathew Hayden and Jonty Rhodes surf! I got really excited watching them surf. And I started imagining myself surfing (laughable). And then I asked myself “What if I fail at it? What if I get hurt? What if people laugh at me doing it?” I realised I tend to ask these questions to myself very often and these inhibit me from taking up new things. Damn! I have to stop asking such questions to myself. Well, I think every day this year will give me a new challenge. That reminds me I smiled today! Ask Moksh if you want. Continue reading “02/01/17 : I am afraid of the “What if””

01/01/17 : I think it did start good but that was a Grisly dream

I slept around 4 or 5, after sending New Year wishes and sitting for 2 hours with nothing to do. Nothing. I did want to do something but nothing struck my mind. My laptop in my lap and just looking at the wallpaper, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Finally, I slept but had to get up by 8 because we had to go to the temple. Usually, when I sleep that late my parents need to wake me up but today that was not the case. I woke up in the middle of the most grisly dream I could ever get! For no reason Rahul Gandhi was in my dream, standing with a wooden log in his hands. I don’t get this and I don’t want to think about it even. Continue reading “01/01/17 : I think it did start good but that was a Grisly dream”