A Restart Button : If I could start it all over

Well, life might get a lot simpler if I could start it all over if I could just for once click that restart button (if any). A lot of troubles will no longer even exist. There may be a bit less confusion too! I would be knowing the good and bad. I would have preconceptions. But is it not bad? I would be having a better assumption of what might happen next. But I would then also have prejudgments about people.

Right now life is as random as a roll of a dice. But if I have a set mindset about something how would I change it? I might have better relationships with people. Understand them more. I might not delay my work because I know how much I suffer because of it now. Suffer is a relative word though.

I might not have the fear of people, talking, the stage, other people’s thought because I have had been through all this once before. And I know how to tackle it down. Or try a bit better at least.

I might see a better path. I might know what I want to do in the future but would that not make life boring? Like it is interesting now. I don’t think that there is one person in this world who might not be able to outperform others given a situation now. The fear is of the past and the future.

But I can’t

Though I have never done anything good twice. If it is done once and is done good I never wish to try it again because I know it would be messed up. Like I don’t want to go back to the RYLA camp. There won’t be the same people. I won’t watch the same YouTube video again. Because I won’t be interested in it at all now! I know I would mess up even if I get to restart.

The title for Star Wars: Episode VIII is THE LAST JEDI!

Just 3 hours ago, Lucasfilm announced the title of the next chapter in the Skywalker saga: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. For all the fans in the galaxies spread far far away the much-awaited title for Episode VIII is here! It was rumoured before but now it is official. Hoping that the first Jedi Temple on the planet of Ahch-To does not get destroyed. I found it beautiful, though it appeared in just one scene.

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What I really did not know about Buddhism!

Lately, I have been really attracted towards Buddhism, their thoughts and their ways. I read some books by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. I learned a lot and it helps me a lot in my day-to-day life now. Did some Google search and found that I was really living in myths and not facts about Buddhism.

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07/01/2017 : Let’s write a movie script! A dream comes alive

So I woke up with a nicely scripted movie scene going on in my mind. Starring Akshay Kumar and Ileana D’Cruz in lead positive roles and happy couple. Govind Namdev as Akshay Kumar’s senior officer, actually Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police. Oh! And Akshay Kumar is an officer in Mumbai Police Special Branch and Ileana D’Cruz is a doctor. It’s all 1970s and 1980s and Mumbai underworld. But the Mumbai underworld’s activities here are not limited to things we see in Bollywood movies. They are planning big like Hollywood! But in a far more realistic way. Big plans are safeguarded by killing pawns. And they are doing it by a special poison. Don’t remember much of other details, though. But enough to write a movie script. Continue reading “07/01/2017 : Let’s write a movie script! A dream comes alive”

06/01/2017 : Rain, Hail, Snow and my Name

Winters are always a delight. But this time in Chandigarh, I was still able to take cold water baths on new years. I remember a couple of years ago it was touching 0 degrees at midnight. But this time it’s too hot! But yesterday we nearly had a snow fall! It was a hail storm but it looked too beautiful! Well, it snowed in Shimla, so I think it could be snow too. The streets, though for a little time, were painted white! It was enough hail/snow to make snowballs. Cars were covered in it too!

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05/01/2017 : It’s all free time

So far the slowest day of the year. The classes were not ending. Or just boring. It was tough passing that free time. I really mean free time. Because I don’t see my reason going to the classes daily. Though with my renewed interest in Chemistry, I tried to study last night. And could not write. The chapter seemed easy. Just 10 pages in the book. I thought lets make notes. 32 pages. Why? I don’t get that too. Notes are supposed to be short. Maybe I over exaggerate them. Continue reading “05/01/2017 : It’s all free time”

04/01/2017 : I don’t believe in Coincidence anymore

I have had a thing for watching and analysing cricket matches. I love the statistics involved and I love to be updated with the scores. A lot of time I am not able to watch the match live on T.V. So I go to the ESPNCricinfo website to know the score. This happened for the first time around 10 months back. I clicked on “Team A xxx/x (xx.x overs) vs. Team B”. Auto-Refresh was on. I clicked. And the batsman got out. I thought it was a complete coincidence. But then again it happened. Not once. In the last 10 months, it has happened at least another 25 times. It is fine that a batsman gets out when you are watching the game at random. But it should not happen when you click on the website. Rahane, Warner, Khwaja, Virat, Pujara, Tamim, Mendis and Root are some of my victims. I don’t know why it happens this way. This can’t be a coincidence for sure. I need to be a curse or something. Continue reading “04/01/2017 : I don’t believe in Coincidence anymore”