An Atheist World for Religious Harmony

Religion as it should be or was, would have been pretty good. It’s a nice concept and has been in our culture for years! But with time people have moulded religion in their own way. Hypocrisy dominates religious communities now. They don’t think about other religions (there are some exceptions as a whole religion and as some people from some religions). They find their’s the noblest. Whenever there is a clash of thoughts, which is not because of religion but people, they kill each other! There is no religious harmony.

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Sorry : An Attitude Adjustment

Last night coming back to my home from institute – something normal happened on the bus. So the bus stopped. A girl was about to disembark from the bus. An old uncle was coming from the left of the bus on a cycle. The girl might not have seen him coming and she stepped out. On seeing her, uncle pulled the brakes, got imbalanced and fell down. The girl did not even care. She looked back as if nothing happened and walked home. She did not say sorry! Then we, all the other people on the bus including the driver, helped uncle. Thank god he did not get any serious injuries. Just some scratches.

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