If my life were a movie, what would be the title?

So if my life were a movie the title to it would be “The One That Never Was”. Starring me and my friends, directed by me — as it is based on my life. Producers — I don’t know. If you know someone let me know. 😛 I would love if Martin Freeman narrates the movie and music is by A.R. Rahman. Love these people!

Story? The plot? 100% my life. And it would go a bit like this… — A boy called Chaitanya. Flat normal life. No bumps. Till he reached ninth grade. And then the next 2 hours will only have the focus on my four years from ninth to twelfth grade. Everything that goes in my mind and the exact opposite that goes in my life. Continue reading

The Abominable Faith

We don’t know if Gods exist.
We heard they give their signs.
And there are people, who walk their path.
As if there is nothing to ask the might.
And there are people, who disprove their existence,
as if everything happens, but on its own.
Then there are people, in full faith and trust.
And then there are people, who earn on this very creed.
No reason, no meaning, the questions still arise,
One does not hear and the other too obsessed.

Life Situations: handle with care

We face a lot of situations every day. We react to them. But it is after some time that we realise what we did and maybe we could have done the other thing. Maybe it could have saved some one or brought you a fortune.

Let’s go back in history. Not much just 100 years back. There was a 16-year-old boy who left his school. He lived a bohemian life in Vienna, financed by orphan’s benefits and support from his mother. He worked as a casual labourer and a painter, selling watercolours of Vienna’s sights. Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts rejected him in 1907 and again in 1908. The director recommended that he can study architecture, which was also an interest, but he lacked academic credentials as he had not finished secondary school. 31 years later Germany invaded Poland and started the World War II under his command. Yes, the 16-year-old boy rejected in 1907 was Adolf Hitler. Continue reading

Why I hate Indian news channels

Tune into an Indian entertainment channel you will find the classic Indian television industry daughter-in-law & mother-in-law story. Recently there have been changes, instead of daughter-in-law it has been the son-in-law who fights with his mother-in-law. But the Indian news channels have not changed a bit. I think they have gone worse. Every time I tune into any Indian news channel I get forced to see the same thing — the same old politics. It seems like India is nothing else than a political centre when you watch the news.

I don’t get why they have to show politics all day long. NEWS FLASH — “Some random Member of Parliament of some random political party (mostly part of the ruling Government) has done some random thing”. Yes, that’s the news flash. It seems like the men in power just always want to be in the news or these news channels have for sure being bought by the other political parties to slaughter each other.

Continue reading

A simple tip on proposing

Well, you might be curious about my qualifications as this is a big — big topic and expertise might be required. I won’t lie but I am pretty well qualified to write this. I am pretty habitual on getting a NO. If you bet right now on whether I will get a NO again, you might win! Though proposing and getting a NO is not a good habit as such.

Listen to the person you are proposing till the moment before you propose and from the moment right after you end proposing. The listening time after proposing includes listening to his/her reply with an open mind. The time, while you propose, is yours and can only be taken from you if you get interrupted by a slap, kick, punch or any other way by the person you are proposing.

The only way of knowing a person is to love them without hope.