i don’t want to go to delhi

Around 24 hours from now, I would be travelling with my parents to Delhi. We are going to my aunt’s place. Why? So that she can teach me Physics and Chemistry. So that I can do good in my Grade 12 exams. But it doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel right going to Delhi. It doesn’t feel right listening to my parents, trusting them. it just doesn’t. The decisions they make (for me) are not for me. They don’t listen to me. And I don’t even try anymore saying anything to them. It would be a big mistake going to Delhi. A really big one.

dog sterilisation drive

So my city Chandigarh has a dog sterilisation drive going on. And yesterday they came in my neighbourhood. And there is this dog who lived in our parking lot sometimes. Most of the times. Mom used to give her food too. She was white. And I won’t be calling her a bitch (even though it is the female of dog) in this post because I really don’t like the word bitch. So dog only.

Now the thing about me and dogs is that we don’t get along much. Because I don’t like them jumping on me and barking too. I know barking is their way to communicate but it gets too much sometimes. So I am scared of them. Not that I hate them, but just scared. I can be around them under supervision.

So the other day they came, the private company/clinic the city has hired to the do the sterilisation drive. I was sitting in the drawing room. My grandfather was sitting in the verandah and in front of the verandah is the parking lot. The gate between them was open. Continue reading “dog sterilisation drive”