urban woodland, a haiku

the wild goose honks, in //

the woods, with a road in the //

middle, cars honk too //

the protest, a haiku

yellow umbrellas //

against dubious customs //

walk the city streets //

dark howl, a haiku

night cries, its silence //

filled with cricket chirps, driving //

loneliness afar //

confusion, a haiku

thoughts in my head, with //

counter thoughts arguing back //

two freaks in my head //

mother’s warmth, a haiku

perishing winter //

muffled in her mother’s arms //

baby drools and sleeps //

halloween pumpkin, a haiku

let me be your gift //

broken like me, you won’t last //

my day to scare you //

shoes, a haiku

aglets far apart //

i trip once and twice //

left lonely together //